Improving the anonymity of the cryptocurrency with

 crypto currency

Since the system of the cryptocurrency is based on the high anonymity, the tracking of its users is almost impossible. However, there are ways to increase the anonymity even more. The service helps to mix the bitcoins during the transaction to stop tracking at all.

The huge growth of the cryptocurrency

At the moment, a variety of financial instruments have been launched in the system of the bitcoin. They are widely used by the crypto-exchange platforms. At the moment more than 100 crypto-currency funds have been opened, and the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency has passed over 500 billion in 2017. Experts say that the crypto-currency market is the most promising and actively growing at the moment.

The cryptocurrency becomes more legalized

Executive Director for the management of blockchain and crypto-currency management Perry Woodin said that:

  • There will be not only the formation of public opinion about the cryptocurrency
  • There will be the active development of trade on the crypto-exchange markets
  • In this case, there will be an increase in people who will own a cryptocurrency.

The conducted researches indicate that by the end of this year every third millionaire will become the owner of the cryptocurrency or will be the investor on the stock exchanges of the cryptocurrency. That is why we can say that the crypto-currencies will become more and more legal every day.

Improving the anonymity of the cryptocurrency is the service that stops tracking of the parties of the transactions at all. Due to this service, the coins of different users are mixed during the transaction, so it is impossible to follow the sender.